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The Placenta Clinic is dedicated to advancing health care of pregnant women and their babies. Here you will find out about the aims of our Clinic.

Aims of the Placenta Clinic

The aims of the Placenta Clinic are to:

  • Provide multidisciplinary care to pregnant women with placental complications of pregnancy and non-pregnant women seeking counselling, with a history of pregnancies complicated by placental dysfunction;
  • Foster research into the prevention and treatment of placentally-mediated complications of pregnancy;
  • Provide a link to basic researchers studying placental development and pathology at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital;
  • Network with other health care centres to improve the effectiveness of available antenatal care for women with complicated pregnancies.

The most common group of conditions that result in the referral to the Placenta Clinic are those believed to be due to placental insufficiency, including:

  • Poor growth of the developing baby (intrauterine growth restriction [IUGR[k1] ])
  • High blood pressure (hypertension in pregnancy or pre-eclampsia[k2] )
  • Premature separation of the placenta (abruption[k3] )
  • Miscarriage or stillbirth

These placental complications of pregnancy are important because, as a group, they are a common cause of premature birth. For more information on these conditions and others, see placental complications of pregnancy[k4] .

About Mount Sinai’s Care for Women and Infants

Mount Sinai Hospital has a major clinical and academic commitment to the health of women and their infants, delivering inpatient care for over 6,500 births annually. Twelve Obstetricians comprise the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Division and provide a range of sub-specialty clinics (including the Placenta Clinic) at 700 University Avenue, Toronto (click here to see the map).

The range of clinics and services include:

  • Fetal Medicine Unit
  • Medical Imaging
  • Obstetric Ultrasound
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  • Reproductive Medical Genetics
  • Internal Medicine Subspecialties
  • Hematology
  • Rheumatology/Autoimmunity
  • Nephrology
  • Obstetric Medicine
  • Placental and Perinatal pathology
  • Perinatal Bereavement Support Services

Academically, Mount Sinai’s internationally-renowned Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute is committed to basic, translational and epidemiologic research.

To learn more about Women’s and Infant’s Program at Mount Sinai Hospital, click here.

Special Pregnancy Program

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Main clinic hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

Prenatal Diagnosis & Medical Genetics

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phone: 416-586-4800 x 4523
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416-586-4723 or 416-586-8384

Perinatal Mental Health

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