Pregnancy in the news

Life support

Article in Science News featuring Dr. Kingdom discusses the current state of research into pregnancy complications and what can be done to help women at risk of developing them. Click here to read more!

Bacteria linked to premature birth
Studies show that bacteria are linked to premature birth. Click here to read more!

Babies’ weak immune systems let good bacteria in
Babies’ early lack of strong immunity lets the “good” bacteria colonize the gut. Read more here!

Why so soon?
Scientists are trying to find the causes for premature birth and understand the mechanisms of preterm labour. Click here for an updated review of progress so far.

Youngest preemies at high risk of neurodevelopmental problems later on
Studies assess the risk of neurological damage in premature babies. Click here to find out more.

Older moms face more pregnancy complications

This CBC News article, quoting Dr. John Kingdom, discusses the risks associated with pregnancy in older women. Read the full story here.

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