The clinic for Cardiology specializes in providing information for patients and physicians about the risks associated with pregnancy and management strategies for pregnant women with heart disease trying to have a baby. Our objective is to improve the care of pregnant women with heart disease and enable women and health care professionals to make informed pregnancy decisions.

Our team, in partnership with a number of healthcare partners, have developed a comprehensive resource for professionals and patients to learn about heart disease and pregnancy.

For women with medical conditions, the stress of pregnancy can make chronic problems worse, or unmask unrecognized disease. This can result in serious health risks for pregnant women and their babies.

The Obstetric Medicine team includes general internists and medical subspecialists at Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network who care for pregnant women with medical disorders. The Obstetric Medicine Program at Mount Sinai Hospital is also the major clinical training site for the University of Toronto Obstetric Medicine fellowship training program.

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Special Pregnancy Program

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Prenatal Diagnosis & Medical Genetics

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Perinatal Mental Health

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