The Respiratory System

The respiratory system undergoes a number of functional and anatomical alterations during pregnancy as a result of hormonal changes, increasing metabolic demands of the fetus, as well as the physical effects of the enlarging uterus. These effects produce an altered susceptibility, clinical course and management for several pulmonary conditions. Furthermore, the physiological changes may produce shortness of breath in normal women undergoing normal pregnancy – “dyspnea of pregnancy”.

Lung disease

Asthma is a very common condition in the general population, and is therefore common during pregnancy. While there is a natural reluctance to use drug therapy during pregnancy, this is a condition that typifies the benefits of treatment over avoidance. Pregnancy may influence lung disease variably – asthma may actually improve or get worse, while other conditions such as pulmonary embolism are far more common in the pregnant woman. There are also several lung conditions that are specific to pregnancy, occurring as a result of the pregnant state or its complications.

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